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Artswalk Muncie features unique arts, dazzling shows, and delicious food! (Photo Credit: Downtown Muncie)
Ball State University Art Museum (Photo Credit: Adam Bouse)
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Life In Muncie, Indiana


Come get plugged into Muncie and all the amenities that come with being the home of Ball State University.

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Internet Speed Rating

1000 Mbps

Closest Airport

Ft Wayne Airport (FWA) • 56 mi

Weather (High/Low)

81 / 32

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)


Muncie: FUN FACT

Muncie has more connections to the entertainment industry than your typical Midwestern college town. Famed American painter Bob Ross filmed his weekly half-hour “The Joy of Painting’ show at TV station WIPB – PBS in Muncie from 1984 until 1994 when the show ended. David Letterman began his entertainment career in Muncie, attending Ball State University from 1965-1969. Pawnee, the fictitious city from NBC's "Parks and Recreation" was based off of Muncie. The show has many references to Muncie - even the city map was created from the current Muncie map. The 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" takes place in Muncie, with Richard Dreyfus sporting a Ball U t-shirt.

Awards & Press

Stranger at the Gate

Stranger at the Gate

Oscar nominated documentary follows Afghan refugee and her Muncie, Indiana mosque.

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Muncie Community Feed

Get a feel for what Muncie is all about from the community's locals who know best.

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“It’s just knowing that if we go out of town, I can run next door and ask our neighbor to keep an eye on our house and pick up our mail. We never made those connections in Dallas. That’s something that we really missed — having that sense of community.”

Carla Donahue

Remote Worker

Muncie Magic. You’ll hear this from long-term residents to new arrivals - there’s just something special about Muncie, Indiana. We certainly felt this when we were in town.

Here’s what we’re loving about Muncie:

  1. Common Market - Mike Martin - a musician and community-minded guy, started the Common Market after playing in one just like it in Charlotte, NC (he was told to set up in front of the milk because most people aren't shopping for that at night lol). He knew a space like this could work in Muncie, and it does. It’s a bodega, an arts collective, a food bank, a hang out spot, and community idea incubator with a farm down the block. If you’re looking for interesting folks, some GREAT nitro coffee, flatbread pizza - look no further than the Common Market.

  2. Ball State University - This school has so much to offer its students and the residents of Muncie. Sports, theater, art, recreation, invited lectures, and more. As part of Muncie’s package, you’ll get access to the rec center!

  3. Downtown - From the oldest gay bar in Indiana to cute new shops and bakeries, downtown Muncie is walkable, accessible, and fun. Check out Sea Salt and Cinnamon. They send their stuff all over Indiana (I like to pick up their salads at a local coffee shop in Indy!), but their home base is in downtown Muncie!

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