Luke Avila

10 months ago


Puerto Vallarta - A Food Critic's Review

Growing up in Muncie, the one thing that was on your mind during the week was, "when is my family be going out to eat at Puerto." This is by far the best Mexican place in town. The Tillotson location was my family's stomping ground as a kid, I don't think we missed a week going there. For starters getting there early on a Friday/Saturday night when the Ball State students are back in town is a must, it's always packed. Starting off, the chips and salsa are phenomenal, when you're young it was hard not to keep eating them until you were full before your meal even came, with age comes experience and I eventually got passed those growing pains, (might I add the chips and salsa are free, huge bonus, +1 on the scorecard). The real stars came to play when it was time to order though, the queso is unbelievable, I'm not lying when I say this I have yet to try a queso that even can compete with it, and foodwise you can't go wrong. Any combination of their tacos, enchiladas, or chimichangas won't be a miss. If you're in the mood to share, the fajitas that come out steaming are a great route to go. Honestly the chicken and steak fajita is now my go to. Overall, Puerto is what every hometown Mexican restaurant strives to be, but I have yet to go to one that competes with them. They're friendly, fast, the quality of the food is great, and the overall ambiance is a 10/10 (Mariachi night is a must see normally happens about once a month). My rating for this restaurant is a 9.9/10, the only problem that I have with them is they don't have a location in Indianapolis which is where I reside now.

Until next time Puerto Vallarta Muncie,