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Communities all over the world are recruiting remote workers, and offering relocation incentives to land new residents.


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Hit the ‘heart’ to let the community know you’re interested, or apply to be considered for relocation incentives. Apply through MakeMyMove, we’ll make sure you get a response.

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We’ll help you redeem your incentives, and connect you with resources to make your move more enjoyable. Plus, we’ll connect you with locals to answer questions and start building friendships before you arrive.

“The cash got my attention, the community made me move.”

“I lived in DC for six years, but I was getting tired of the high cost of living and diminished quality of life. As soon as COVID-19 struck, DC proved to be an impossible place to effectively live and work. After searching for other opportunities, I found Tulsa Remote which has truly improved my quality of life, productivity at work, and cost of living.”

Luke S.

DC  -->  OK

College Town Calling

"My setup here is pretty perfect. Being connected to Purdue and living in a college town means I have access to an intellectually stimulating environment and so many great amenities."

Lokesh B.

FLA  -->  IND

Start attracting new residents

Now more than ever, employees and businesses understand the power and benefits of a remote workforce. Remote work is on the rise, and those people are getting the itch to explore the rest of the world while they work. Create an incentive package to start bringing those remote workers to your community.