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Get Paid to Live in Noblesville, Indiana

$5,000 Relocation Grant

Co-Hatch Unlimited Membership ($3,000 value)

Noblesville Chamber 1 Year Exclusive Membership Package

Ruoff Music Center VIP Concert Experience

Unlimited Golf Membership ($1,400 value)

Noblesville Parks Pass

Coffee with the Mayor

$500 Health & Wellness Stipend

Community Connection Consultation

Dine Around Town Package

Noblesville Aquatics Center Season Pass

Relocation Services

Total Incentive

Move to Noblesville


Moving is hard, but Noblesville has put together a program to make your move easier and get you connected to the community. Here's the inside scoop on our favorite parts of the program:

  • COhatch Unlimited Membership ($3,000 value): The COhatch in Noblesville is a community-focused co-working space conveniently located in the heart of Hamilton Town Center. Founded in 2018, the workspace offers shared desks, private offices, meeting rooms, state-of-the-art amenities (we put the podcasting room to work!), live events and much more. It’s a popular destination for Indy-area remote workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who are looking to network and collaborate.

  • Ruoff Music Center VIP Concert Experience: Noblesville is home to Ruoff Music Center, Indiana’s largest outdoor concert venue. Ruoff (affectionately called “Deercreek” by 35yo+ locals) attracts some of the country’s biggest names and provides an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

  • Coffee with the Mayor: Mayor Chris Jensen is excited to meet MakeMyMovers and officially welcome you to Noblesville. Come prepared with questions, ideas and requests to accelerate your connection to the community - he sincerely wants to help!


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Eligibility Requirements

Noblesville is currently recruiting remote workers who:

  • Are employed full-time and able to relocate while retaining their current position, or

  • Are self-employed and able to relocate while retaining their current clients/portfolio

  • Earn at least $80,000 annually

  • Are U.S. citizens

  • Are 18 years or older

  • Currently reside outside the state of Indiana

  • Can relocate primary residence to Noblesville within 6 months

  • In order to be considered by Noblesville, you must provide proof of the above eligibility criteria

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4. Accept and Make Your Move

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