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North Platte


Founded in 1868, known for the famous Canteen spirit during WWII, North Platte is located along Interstate 8o and US Highway 83 in west-central Nebraska. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the convergence of the North and South Platte Rivers, with over 120 miles of trails, 15 area lakes, and 4 golf courses. Current North Platte area residents still embody the adventurous and volunteer spirit of their forefathers. Located downtown in the Canteen District in North Platte, Double Dips offer 24 plus different flavors of hand dipped ice cream served in a variety of ways. Double Dips also offers homemade waffle cones/bowls along with homemade fudge and freshly baked desserts. New 'movers' will enjoy 10% off cards to Double Dips, valid for one year. But this is just the beginning. North Platte is currently building an exciting offer to entice remote workers to move to the region. Join the waitlist to be notified when the offer is available!

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