Exploring Affordable Housing Opportunities in States with Relocation Bonuses

By Natalia Wolting  • Jan 5, 2024

With rising costs straining budgets across American households, some states are getting creative about attracting new residents - and new talent - by offering financial incentives. Relocation bonuses make moving more feasible for remote workers seeking affordable housing and a lower cost of living. It’s an innovative approach to bring in professionals to revitalize communities and grow economies.

States like Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kansas offer generous relocation bonuses and have affordable housing markets. Rural communities in states like Kentucky and Indiana also present opportunities for those willing to leave behind high-density urban living. Here’s a closer look at some states and communities where relocation bonuses and lower-than-average housing markets can make relocation for remote workers worth the move:

West Virginia – Remote workers who are also outdoor enthusiasts should look into West Virginia’s Ascend WV program. They’ll receive a $12,000 relocation bonus along with a year’s worth of free outdoor recreation. Communities such as Morgantown and Greenbrier Vally also offer additional relocation incentives for remote workers making their total relocation incentive $20,000. According to Zillow, the median housing price in West Virginia is only $157,272 making it the second most affordable state for home ownership in the country.

Oklahoma –The state's Tulsa Remote program offers a $10,000 relocation bonus for remote workers who move to the city. This incentive includes a $2,500 upfront payment for moving expenses, a monthly stipend for the first year and a $1,500 payment at the end of the year to help with housing costs. Alongside this enticing offer, you'll find housing in Tulsa is incredibly affordable. The median home cost in Tulsa is $196,774 making it significantly lower than the national median.

Kentucky - For remote workers who enjoy music, outdoor activities and bourbon – Kentucky is right up their alley. Several communities throughout the state offer relocation bonuses including Johnson County and Owensboro. Kentucky also has the fifth-most affordable housing market in the country making it more than appealing for remote workers.

Indiana – Located in the heart of the Midwest, Indiana boasts a median housing price that is almost less than half of the United States' overall median home price. It’s also considered one of the cheapest states to live in when it comes to the overall cost of living and has a low unemployment rate. Communities throughout the heartland state including Marion and Angola are also offering cash incentives to relocate to their communities starting at $5,000.

Kansas - Multiple Kansas towns including Topeka, offer up to $15,000 in relocation incentives aimed at attracting more remote workers. Anyone moving to Kansas can also qualify for a state income tax waiver and communities like Lincoln County are offering even more incentives for remote workers and their families making a move to Kansas even more affordable.

The remote work revolution combined with targeted relocation incentives opens doors that previously seemed out of reach. Now may be the perfect time to take advantage of relocation opportunities and put down roots in a community you may not have considered before. As you venture into the realm of relocation, remember that opportunities for affordable housing in states that also offer enticing incentives for remote workers are out there. Keep your options open, do your research and you might just find yourself transitioning into a new community that’s both financially and culturally rewarding.

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