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Lincoln County is perfect for remote workers looking for adventure.

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1153 Mbps

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Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport (ICT) • 142 mi

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92 / 22

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)


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“I missed having access to a I bought an old building and equipment, and we opened!” Full video here.

Kelly Gourley

Hear how Kelly Gourley identified a need for a gym in Lincoln County, Kansas and opened one.

Lincoln County is located in north-central Kansas with big sky vistas and beautiful rolling hills dotted with limestone fence rows that stretch for miles.

In addition to the lower cost of living and quieter surroundings, Lincoln County boasts a wide variety of activities for nature-lovers of every level - everything from hunting and hiking to birding and mountain biking. The newly finished Achterberg Trail is a prairie and wildlife restoration project opened by the Audubon Project of Kansas. Other local favorites include fishing and skiing on Wilson Lake and biking and hiking along the Salinas River.

As featured in The Hustle, Lincoln County is attractive to remote workers, entrepreneurs, and families. You can follow one such family’s adventure in moving to Lincoln County, and restoring a home on the blog

“We’ve seen a lot of people coming back to rural communities because the cost of living is lower and because there’s a quieter, calmer lifestyle here,” said Betsy Wearing, coordinator of programs at the Kansas-based Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

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