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Harry's Old Kettle Pub & Grill

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About Wabash County

If you’re a remote worker looking for a family friendly and generous community- you have got to check out Wabash County, Indiana.

Wabash County Indiana offers the Promise Indiana program where every PK-3rd grade student attending school in Wabash County can open a CollegeChoice 529 Account and the YMCA of Wabash County will seed money of $25 into that account. In addition to that, there is an annual Champions period for students to raise money for their college savings account and receive a $25 matching grant from the YMCA each year. Promise Indiana also offers opportunities to mentorship, college visits and more.

And most importantly, you’ll find a welcoming and generous community. Wabash County ranks 2nd out of 92 counties in Indiana for philanthropic giving. You can learn more at the Community Foundation of Wabash Indiana. See a community that puts their money where their mouth is and come join us at Wabash County.

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