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Wabash County will invest in you.

We were lucky enough to spend a couple days in Wabash County and we saw firsthand how much this community wraps its arms around its residents. Chatting with Addie at The Montessori School at WPC, we learned that the county is investing in early childhood education. Meeting up with young professionals at Modoc’s, a local coffee shop that pays homage to an elephant that escaped the circus, we learned that leadership development is top of mind (and a program benefit!).

We also learned that they invest in their local parks, like Friendship Hill, one of the largest inclusive playgrounds in the Midwest. They also are creating more opportunities to get outside, like the Wabash River Trail that runs from Wabash to Lagro.

And as if this wasn’t enough, they’re even investing money in early scholarship funds for kids. As part of the Early Award Scholarship Program, every student in 4th-8th grade who attends school in Wabash County has the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 for doing their homework in math, reading and language arts, and for completing college prep activities.

Driving around the county, you can feel that these communities are listening to their residents and creating spaces for learning, recreation, arts and entertainment, and family and friends. Best of all? They’re welcoming you to be a part of it!

*The Early Award Scholarships program affords the opportunity for Wabash County public school students in grades 4 through 8 to earn up to $1,000 just for doing their homework in math, reading and language arts, and completing college prep activities. The $250 investment as part of this program is a bonus for a remote worker relocating to Wabash County.


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Eligibility Requirements

Wabash County is currently recruiting remote workers who:

  • Are employed full-time and able to relocate while retaining their current position, or

  • Are self-employed and able to relocate while retaining their current clients/portfolio

  • Earn at least $50,000 annually

  • Are U.S. citizens

  • Are 18 years or older

  • Currently reside outside of Indiana

  • Must relocate primary residence to Wabash County within 6 months

  • In order to be considered by Wabash County, you must provide proof of the above eligibility criteria


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