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Andrew C.

San Jose, CAGreensburg, IN

“We were in San Jose, CA, we just had a child, and cost of living was going up. We wanted to be in a small town.”

Nathan C.

Aubrey, TXTerre Haute, IN

“I'm in Terre Haute and I'm loving it so far. I'm saving $1200 a month so I can travel more. If anyone else is interested in the city I would be more then happy to help.”

Shannon M.

Tuscon, AZOwensboro, KY

“I was aching for a change, searching for something completely different. I found it in Kentucky. MakeMyMove helped me make my dream a reality.”

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Discover the right move for you and your loved ones by picking a place that aligns with your lifestyle.

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“The cash got my attention, the community made me move.”

“I lived in DC for six years, but I was getting tired of the high cost of living and diminished quality of life. As soon as COVID-19 struck, DC proved to be an impossible place to effectively live and work. After searching for other opportunities, I found Tulsa Remote which has truly improved my quality of life, productivity at work, and cost of living.”

Luke S.

DC  -->  OK

College Town Calling

"My setup here is pretty perfect. Being connected to Purdue and living in a college town means I have access to an intellectually stimulating environment and so many great amenities."

Lokesh B.

FLA  -->  IND

"I've been in Evansville for a month and the people have been so welcoming."

"The pride residents have for their home is definitely evident. There is a lot to explore locally and something new to experience every day. There are surprises around every corner!"

Logan J.

WY  -->  IN

"I was aching for a change, searching for something completely different. I found it in Kentucky."

"MakeMyMove helped me make my dream...a reality."

Shannon M

AZ  -->  KY

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Now more than ever, employees and businesses understand the power and benefits of a remote workforce. Remote work is on the rise, and those people are getting the itch to explore the rest of the world while they work. Create an incentive package to start bringing those remote workers to your community.