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Welcome to Shelby County, IA, located in the heart of scenic Western Iowa and centered within the area known as the “Breadbasket to the World”.

Harlan, the county seat, offers a historic downtown square lined with buildings that have been restored and transformed into a variety of local businesses, a farm-to-table restaurant, a 4-screen movie theatre, and multiple antique shops and boutiques.

Harlan is a great place to locate for remote workers. The city has a low cost of living, a strong economy, award winning school districts, a $10 million dollar fitness facility and indoor aquatic center, and a welcoming community.

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest advantages of living in Shelby County is the low cost of living. Affordable housing, locally sourced restaurants, varied grocery store options, easy flowing transportation, and utilities that are below the national average offer residents of Shelby County the opportunity to live a financially comfortable lifestyle.

Strong Economy

Shelby County has a strong economy, with a low unemployment rate and a growing number of job opportunities. The area is home to several internationally known manufacturing companies, top-notch healthcare, access to Iowa Western Community College, a fiber-optic network that provides fiber to the home, and a strong technology and agricultural industry. This means that family members of remote workers can find a job that fits their skills and interests.

Supportive Community

Harlan offers a wealth of opportunities for families. The city has multiple parks, libraries, and museums. Children can participate in a wide range of sports leagues, a very strong art and theatre culture, and award-winning musical programs. There are numerous community events, activities, and opportunities to volunteer allowing new residents to find several ways to connect with their new community.

Through excellent outdoor recreation opportunities, unique cultural experiences, and an emphasis on activities for families, you will understand why remote workers love calling the communities of Shelby County to be A Place to Call Home.


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Eligibility Requirements

Shelby County is currently recruiting people who:

  • Earn at least $65,000 in household income annually

  • Are 18 years or older

  • Currently reside outside Shelby County, IA

  • Must relocate primary residence to Shelby County, IA within the next 6-12 months

  • In order to be considered by Shelby County, IA you must provide proof of income and residence eligibility

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