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Canopy of Lights, downtown Bloomington
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Bloomington, Indiana

multi • midwest, USA

About Bloomington

Arriving in Bloomington for the first time, you might expect you're in Colorado or a suburb of Seattle rather than nestled in the Midwest. Home to Indiana University, Bloomington attracts all the "ies" - techies, foodies, hippies, not to mention artists, entrepreneurs, basketball fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts and Tibetan monks (more on that below). The community refers to itself as a "blue dot in a red state" and prides itself in being socially conscious and highly educated - one of the most educated populations in the country, actually. Bloomington Remote is a program offered through The Mill, the community's nonprofit center for co-working and entrepreneurship. If accepted, new movers will receive a three-year co-working membership to The Mill, valued at $2,200 annually. Program participants also receive concierge-level support in getting resettled and acclimated to the community. Bloomington checks the boxes for remote workers who want to give up the expense of living in a world-class community without losing the amenities they enjoy.



Internet Speed Rating

1000 Mbps

Closest Airport

IND • 45 mi

Weather (High/Low)

86 / 20

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)


Distance to Target Shopping Center




Bloomington is home to two Tibetan monasteries, making it very likely that at some point you'll find yourself in the Starbucks line behind a saffron-robed monk.

Incentive Package

Three-year full-time membership to The Mill, an iconic co-working space

Expert relocation and real estate services from Century 21 Global Mobility

Ambassador network of locals to help you get connected

Free networking events and happy hours with other remote workers and civic & business leaders

Board observer position with a local nonprofit

Special access to discounted banking services, loans, and credit deals

Total Incentive Value


  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Currently reside outside of Indiana

  • Have full-time remote employment (or self-employment) for a business located outside of Monroe County

  • Be able to relocate to Bloomington within six months of acceptance

  • Be eligible to live and work in the US

  • Priority consideration is given to those who apply by March 4

Request an application to relocate, and Bloomington will get in touch.