Top School Systems for Remote Workers with Families

By Natalia Wolting  • Feb 7, 2024
Kids working at school

LAs the landscape of work continues to evolve, remote workers are increasingly seeking communities that offer a robust educational environment for their children. School districts throughout the country offer robust academic options for kids—especially in Noblesville, Perry County and Dubois County. These highly rated districts located throughout Indiana prepare students exceptionally well for college and careers.

For remote workers prioritizing their children's education, these three school districts provide excellent K-12 school systems along with vibrant communities and family amenities.

Noblesville Schools

Noblesville Schools adopt an enlightened approach to education with their “Portrait of a Graduate” initiative focusing on nurturing well-rounded students ready to thrive in college, career and community. Teachers reinforce academics with principles like communication, problem-solving and self-direction all of which are ideal skills for children of remote workers needing independence and resilience.

The district also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program along with over 20 advanced placement classes and seven National Blue Ribbon Schools demonstrating academic prowess. As a top 10% performer on the ILEARN and SATs, students receive top-notch future-forward college preparation.

The nonprofit Noblesville Schools Education Foundation also enhances learning by providing over $500K annually for specialized teacher training and unfunded classroom necessities. For remote workers, community support for education is essential and Noblesville goes above and beyond.

Noblesville High School has lots to offer students and families.

Perry County Schools

With around 1,300 students total in the district, Perry County Schools consists of Cannelton City Schools, Perry Central Community Schools Corporation and Troy Township Schools maintain an intimate learning environment with an average class size of just 20 students allowing for individualized attention. From elementary school onward, Perry County partners with local colleges to expose students to higher education, helping students ease into the transition.

Surrounded by forests and rivers, the schools incorporate hiking, camping, canoeing and more into the curriculum. A massive renovation funded by grants and taxes was also recently completed that provided the schools with updated STEM labs, computer programming courses and the latest technology.

Perry County is the definition of small-town living where everyone knows each other. The schools unite the whole county and instill community values. This close-knit community allows remote workers to stay engaged in their child's education through volunteering, school activities and constant communication with teachers.

Dubois County Schools

Similar to Noblesville prioritizing the whole-student paradigm, Dubois County schools focus on developing students to make positive impacts after graduation through civic participation or leadership in their chosen career fields. The Pathways program allows customization of studies around desired industries starting in middle school from health sciences to trades. By graduation, most students have not only accumulated early college credits but also career-aligned certifications or experiential training through partnerships supporting both college and job readiness simultaneously.

The school district is made up of Northeast Dubois County Schools, Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools, Southeast Dubois County Schools and Southwest Dubois County School Corporation. For remote workers seeking community connectivity and holistic development supplemented by technology integration, Dubois County schools deliver on all fronts to equip their students for a successful future.

Additional Reasons Why Remote Workers Should Consider These School Systems

  • Academic Excellence

The school systems in Noblesville, Perry County and Dubois County all share a commitment to academic excellence making them ideal choices for remote workers with children. In an era where remote work is increasingly common, these school districts provide an environment where academic success is prioritized and students are well-prepared for later challenges.

  • Future-Forward Thinking

Noblesville's focus on technology, Perry County's community-driven engagement and Dubois County's diverse educational opportunities display a commitment to embracing innovation in education. For parents this means that their children will not only receive a high-quality education but will also be exposed to the latest technologies, aligning with learning soft skills needed in a digital and remote work landscape.

  • Personalized Learning for Individual Success

Remote workers often value the flexibility that comes with working from anywhere. The personalized learning approaches adopted by Perry County and Dubois County schools align with this ethos ensuring that each child's unique needs are met. Remote-working families can rest assured that their children will receive an education tailored to their strengths, interests and aspirations.

  • Strong Community Involvement

A sense of community is a critical factor for remote workers seeking a new home and all three school systems prioritize community involvement. In Perry County, the active engagement of parents and local businesses creates a supportive environment fostering a strong sense of belonging.

  • Holistic Education

The school systems in Noblesville, Perry County, and Dubois County recognize the importance of a well-rounded education. From comprehensive extracurricular programs to a diverse range of educational opportunities, these districts go beyond academic excellence to prepare students for life beyond the classroom. This integrated approach appeals to parents looking for communities that prioritize the overall development and well-being of their children.

For remote workers with children, the decision to relocate involves careful consideration around the educational offerings a community has to offer. When it comes to going beyond standardized test scores alone, these three school districts provide nourishing environments for remote working families through academic excellence, future-forward opportunities and tight-knit communities rallying around education. If you’re a remote worker interested in relocating to one of these communities, check out MakeMyMove to learn more about the financial incentives these communities offer remote workers who move to their communities.

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