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Life In Texarkana, Texas


Twice as Nice! Immerse yourself in a vibrant arts scene, and celebrate a unique dual-state lifestyle. Texarkana, Texas is not just a place to live, it's a place to prosper!

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2000 Mbps

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93 / 34

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Texarkana: FUN FACT

Twice as Nice! The State Line Post Office and Federal Building is the only U.S. post office that sits between two states. Word has it that it's the most photographed courthouse in the country after the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. The building was constructed between 1932-1933 and tourists can take a picture on photographer's island in front of the post office while standing with one foot in Texas and one foot in Arkansas.

Awards & Press

Texarkana Federal Courthouse and Post Office awarded one of the Great Places in Texas 2023

Texarkana Federal Courthouse and Post Office awarded one of the Great Places in Texas 2023

American Planning Association

Texarkana has 6 out of the mere 62 schools in the state of Texas named as exemplary Lighthouse “Leader in Me” Schools!

Texarkana has 6 out of the mere 62 schools in the state of Texas named as exemplary Lighthouse “Leader in Me” Schools!

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Here's why you should move to Texarkana, Texas:

Dual-State Living: Texarkana is uniquely positioned right on the border of Texas and Arkansas, offering residents the unique perks and benefits of both states. Live in one state, work in the other, and enjoy double the local culture, events, and amenities.

Economic Opportunities: With its strategic location, Texarkana benefits from a bustling economy that spans manufacturing, transportation, and retail sectors. The city's economic diversity offers abundant job opportunities and makes it a regional hub for business and trade.

Rich Music and Arts Scene: Texarkana boasts a vibrant arts scene, including regular performances at the Perot Theatre, exhibitions at the Regional Arts Center, and an annual jazz festival. Music and arts enthusiasts will find a thriving community with deep cultural roots and exciting events.

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