Roseville (Minnesota) Police Department - Police Officer Signing Bonus

Police Officer signing bonus up to $10,000

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The City of Roseville, Minnesota is recruiting new police officers with a hiring bonus up to $10,000. Entry level officers are eligible for a $5k bonus while lateral officers are eligible for a $10k bonus.

Roseville is a suburb of the Twin Cities and has a population just over 35,000.

In addition to hiring bonuses, the department's website says they offer benefits such as:

  • Competitive starting pay and benefits package, including longevity pay and education incentives

  • Up to six weeks paid parental leave with an ease back to work provision allowing employees to work a reduced schedule

  • Comprehensive officer wellness program, including annual check ins with licensed wellness professionals, fitness incentives, paid mandatory rest periods, in-service wellness/resiliency training, and debriefs with licensed professionals following all critical incidents

  • City Wellness Program (time off/financial incentives) and monthly health club reimbursement

  • Workout on-duty fitness program, monthly team challenges, and state-of-the art onsite fitness facility (updated in 2022)

  • All initial-issue uniforms and duty-gear provided, including load bearing vests, red dot firearm technology, body cameras, and department-issued iPhones. Annual uniform allowance ($980.00 per year)

  • Tuition reimbursement opportunities for continuing education

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