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Brentwood is no longer accepting applications at this time.


Welcome to Brentwood, California, where you will find that life is truly Better in Brentwood! Known largely as an agricultural community just 55 miles east of San Francisco until the late 20th century, Brentwood, has become a bustling residential city experiencing rapid growth. Enjoy a welcome package from Better in Brentwood consisting of $250.00 in goods, apparel and merchandise from the Better in Brentwood store. City of Brentwood reserves the right to accept or deny all applications and requests for eligibility and/or incentives.


Eligibility Requirements
  • New resident relocating to Brentwood city limits

  • Must lease or purchase a primary residence within 3 months of Make My Move application

  • Talent relocation sector requirements: 80% Full Time Remote Work in Brentwood, Technology, FIRE (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate), Engineering Disciplines

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