Alameda Police Department - Police Officer Signing Bonus

Police Officer signing bonus up to $75,000

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The City of Alameda (California) is paying out the largest recruitment incentive that we're aware of at MakeMyMove. In order to staff the Alameda Police Department, the city is paying new Lateral, Academy Graduate, and Entry Level Police Officers up to $75,000 in signing bonus while funds are available.

According to the city's Recruitment and Hiring Incentive Policy, qualified candidates will receive "a recruitment incentive totaling up to $75,000 to be paid out as follows:

  • $25,000 upon being sworn in with proof of having graduated from an accredited California POST academy. Out of state candidates would qualify if they successfully challenge and pass California POST academy standards and achieve California POST certification.

  • $50,000 paid upon completion of the Field Training Program.

  • To be eligible for this second incentive payment, hired personnel must commit to five years of service."

The Alameda Police Department is authorized to staff 88 police officers and 35 full-time personnel to serve the community of about 80,000 residents.

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