11 months ago

Christie @MakeMyMove


Dedicated Locals to support your move - Meet Abby!

Abby has a passion for improving and leaving her mark on the Evansville, Indiana region. As a leader at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP), she has done just that. Abby is the Marketing Director at E-REP where she works to tell the region’s authentic story and improve the quality of life for residents in the Evansville region. She is the creator behind Self.e Alley (a mural alley) in downtown Evansville and leads the region’s e is for everyone initiative that shares the region’s authentic story, and encourages each person—no matter their background or interest—to connect, contribute and celebrate the Evansville Region.

Fun facts:

Abby has been told she’s a human jukebox

Is happily unhinged (the spiciest of the neuro-spicy)

A girl mom (x2) to the most precious angel on this earth and a feral raccoon – equally loved

Not originally from the Evansville region