Why Indiana? A Look at Why So Many Remote Workers are Becoming Hoosiers

By Ashley Eising • Feb 27, 2024

New life is blossoming in the state of Indiana. Through remote work opportunities combined with creative relocation incentives, people have been granted the freedom to discover how easily the Hoosier state can become home. A haven of Midwestern hospitality, Indiana continues to win over its newcomers, and the impact organizations like MakeMyMove have made on the state’s growing population of remote workers cannot be overlooked. As people learn of the life-changing benefits the state has to offer, like affordable housing and improved work-life balance, more and more out-of-staters are excitedly choosing Indiana’s cities as their new hometowns.

MakeMyMove Initiatives Put Indiana on the Map

The country’s first and only online marketplace, MakeMyMove is the go-to hub for remote workers wanting to explore communities that are incentivizing their moves. Since its launch in December 2020, more than 1,000 remote workers and their families have utilized MakeMyMove to find and relocate to new communities, and with more than 60 communities currently offering incentives, we aim to keep that number growing.

As of 2023, 340 households have relocated to the state of Indiana through MakeMyMove incentives, equaling $29 million in annual economic output for the state and a whole lot of happy new Hoosiers. As 1 in 5 college-educated workers are now fully remote, and with over 50,000 MakeMyMove applicants in the last year alone, relocation packages are a proven way to encourage Americans to explore places they may never have considered living previously. And based on the success stories of our resettled applicants, this is not only a viable option but a truly inspiring one.

Indiana: What Sets the Hoosier State Apart

So, why choose Indiana when there are 49 other options vying for your primary address? If you’re anything like the families who have chosen to make their move to the Hoosier State, money matters, and how far that money goes each month does, too. That is why Indiana’s overall affordability is a key reason to give it a go, as it ranks in the top 20 of the nation’s states with the lowest cost of living, an analysis that considers housing, tax rates, and overall expenses on everyday necessities.

This increased affordability directly lends itself to a greater work-life balance. With lower home prices and less stress on the almighty dollar, once you make the move to Indiana, you won’t have to grind so hard to pay those bills – which leaves plenty of downtime for that hobby of yours (the one you haven’t done in ages because who has time with all that work?). Lucky for you, those added hours to your day will also allow room to explore Indiana’s natural beauty as its public parks offer ample recreational opportunities, contributing to a quality of life that can’t be found just anywhere.

Indiana Culture: It’s More than Just Corn, It’s a Whole Vibe

Yes, those friendly Hoosiers may be known, first and foremost, for their aptitude for agriculture, but there is a whole lot more to this state than just its fields of corn. Most sports enthusiasts will attest to the state’s deep-rooted love for all things athletics, most especially, their beloved basketball. The iconic 1986 film Hoosiers was inspired by a real life Indiana school which speaks to the adoration and passion this state holds for both its high school and college teams. Furthermore, only one state in the nation boasts Larry Bird as a loyal native, and everybody knows that’s Indiana. Additionally, the state homes three professional sports teams, the Indiana Pacers, the Indiana Fever, who won the WNBA championship in 2012, and the 2007 Super Bowl champions, the Indianapolis Colts.

Hollywood came to town when they filmed the movie "Hoosiers" in this historic gym in Knightstown, Indiana.

The emphasis on athletics does not detract from Indiana’s commitment to education, though. With big name universities like Notre Dame as well as Purdue, Butler, and the ever-popular Indiana University, Indiana ranks 17th nationwide in Education by U.S. News & World Report. The state also offers a wide range of both private and public primary, secondary and post-secondary schooling options allowing families greater choice in their children’s education.

And we all know college towns are infamous for their varied and delicious culinary scene offering good food at affordable prices. Additionally, the presence of universities and metropolitan hubs has expanded international dining options in Indiana due to the diverse cultures that thrive in these spaces. Indiana also claims its own unique spin on food culture, as well, crafting regional specialties linked to the strong German heritage of many of its people – and who can live without the infamous pork tenderloin sandwich, a deep-fried Indiana-born delight? With farmers’ markets in nearly every community, breweries and wineries scattered throughout the cities and countryside, and authentic farm-to-table dining experiences, inventive and nourishing food is very much a way of life in Indiana.

Indiana: Offering the Homiest of Hometowns


The 17th most populous state in the nation, you will not be the only one wanting to live out your days here, but where precisely should those days be lived out? While Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend might be the most well-known cities in the state, there are loads of other worthy options to consider, starting with Noblesville. Just north of the capital city, Noblesville offers the best of both world’s in terms of big city access and laidback living, and remote workers are loving the fun and family-friendly lifestyle cultivated in this Indiana town. With a world-class outdoor concert venue featuring international headliners right down the road, what’s not to love?

Noblesville offers lots of great local events, like the annual Peony (Indiana's State Flower) Festival in May.

South Bend/Elkhart

Home to Notre Dame, one of Newsweek’s “New Ivies” referencing the school’s top-notch academics and faculty, the South Bend/Elkhart region offers more than just its prestigious university. This city provides a metropolitan feel with affordable accommodations for residents of all ages. Additionally, Northwest Indiana is a great place for young professionals and families to settle as it provides close proximity to beautiful Lake Michigan and Indiana Dunes National Park, and it is just a quick drive to Chicago for a day trip or weekend away.

Art Beat is the largest annual event held in downtown South Bend. The festival celebrates and highlights local artists.


Perched on the banks of the Ohio River along Indiana’s southern border, sits the city of Evansville. With a population just over 113,000, Evansville is a picturesque city with a bustling riverfront. Slightly off the beaten path, nature takes a front seat here as public parks and national landmarks like Marengo Caves are easily accessible, as are historic wonders such as Angel Mounds State Historic Site. Logan, a new MakeMyMove resident to Evansville, reports, “There is a lot to explore locally and something new to experience every day.” But should you miss that metropolitan buzz, Evansville allows its residents proximity to bigger city scenes without having to live right in them, as it is conveniently situated nearly equidistant from St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville, and Indianapolis.

You'll always find something happening in Evansville. Pictured here: Fiesta Evansville

Why Not Indiana?

With multiple cities offering metropolitan appeal and smalltown affordability, Indiana holds so many welcoming new-to-you hometowns just waiting for discovery. Here you will find world-class education, robust athletics programs at every level, and endless outdoor activities to stay entertained during all those free hours you’ll gain from lower cost living. And with its unique mix of international and homegrown cuisine, you surely won’t starve as Indiana’s cities bring only the best to the table.

Professionals of all ages are realizing the benefits of MakeMyMove’s well-rounded and life-enhancing relocation packages. For remote workers ready to try life someplace new, Indiana is currently offering various opportunities to be rewarded for what might just be the best move you’ve ever made. So, the question has never actually been “Why Indiana?” at all. For those with the inside scoop on everything this state has to offer, the only real question left to answer is “Why not?”

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