Lincoln County, Kansas: The Remote Work Paradise of the Great Plains

By Natalia Wolting  • Mar 22, 2024

The burgeoning realm of remote work has unlocked a treasure trove of possibilities for professionals seeking a lifestyle that harmoniously blends career success with a slower pace and a deeper connection to the natural world. One community that should be at the top of every remote worker's list is Lincoln County, Kansas. This slice of rural America offers an enviable combination of amenities that make it a remote work haven. Here are some reasons why Lincoln County, Kansas has taken center stage as an ideal destination for remote workers wanting to relocate:

Affordability with Intention

Lincoln County boasts a considerably lower cost of living compared to bustling metropolitan areas. According to, the median home value in Lincoln County rests around $92,000, a stark contrast to the national median exceeding $400,000. This empowers remote workers to trade the cramped confines of city apartments for homes boasting dedicated workspace, a home gym, or even a backyard oasis for relaxation and pursuing hobbies.

A Slower Pace of Life with Big-City Amenities

While Lincoln County's population is small at around 3,000 residents, it provides everything needed for a comfortable life with the benefits of living in a safe, tight-knit community where "everyone knows everyone." For remote workers with families, Lincoln County has numerous parks and playgrounds, providing safe spaces for kids to get outside and stay active along with a modern regional hospital with clinics covering basic family healthcare needs throughout the community.

When remote working parents need a night out, local shops and restaurants or even catching a movie at the historic Finch Theatre offer low-key options close to home. Bringing up kids in this friendly small-town environment is a reality many families dream of today. As a bonus, the region's low population density means less crime and little traffic to deal with during day-to-day life.

A Personal Education Experience

Lincoln County is served by several public school districts that offer quality education to students of all ages. Small class sizes allow more personalized learning, while still offering ample opportunities through activities, sports and more. Additionally, several colleges and universities are located within a short driving distance of the county.

A Connected Community

Despite its rural location, residents of Lincoln County don't have to worry about being isolated or lacking modern connectivity. High-speed internet, cable/streaming entertainment options and comprehensive cellular coverage are all available throughout the area. The county is about a 3-hour drive from larger metro areas like Kansas City and Wichita as well.

Financial Incentives Specific to Remote Workers

Beyond inherent affordability, Lincoln County actively seeks to attract remote workers through, a collaborative effort between the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation (LCEDF) and MakeMyMove. The relocation program created specifically for remote workers extends a compelling welcome package including:

  • Relocation Grant - A $5,000 grant acts as a helping hand to ease the transition and offset moving costs.

  • Free Land – Remote workers who relocate may qualify for a free lot to build a home on.

  • High-Speed Internet Credit - A $500 credit ensures establishing a reliable internet connection, crucial for seamless remote work.

To make the deal even sweeter, Kansas has been ranked as one of the most tax-friendly states to call home thanks to having no state income tax on wages, interest, or qualified retirement income like 401(k)s and IRAs.

A Natural Wonderland Awaits

Natural beauty is all around in Lincoln County, Kansas.

Nature enthusiasts will find paradise in Lincoln County. The vast landscapes transform into a playground for outdoor activities Some of the area's notable natural attractions include:

  • Glen Elder State Park - Camp under a blanket of stars, explore the surrounding historical sites steeped in the region's rich past, or simply relax and soak in the serenity of the park's natural beauty.

  • Saline River - This scenic waterway offers opportunities for kayaking, canoeing and enjoying the solitude of nature. Allow yourself to unwind, reconnect with yourself and find solace in the tranquility of the flowing water.

Lincoln County, Kansas, presents a compelling proposition for remote workers seeking an exceptional quality of life. With its laidback country living, outdoor adventures, family-friendly amenities, modern connectivity and extremely affordable costs - Lincoln County represents the total package for remote workers ready to leave the big city life behind. This quiet, humble community in rural Kansas is quickly becoming the nation's best-kept secret.

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