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Apr 6, 2021

This Website Shows All the U.S. Cities That'll Pay You to Move There

By Kyler Alvord

More than ever before, small towns are eager to attract new residents, targeting the unprecedented number of remote workers who are no longer tied to big industry hubs like NYC, LA, and Chicago. To incentivize people to relocate, some cities have begun offering cash rewards to those who decide to up and move there, and has popped up as a useful digital directory with information on every US city that'll pay people to officially become residents.

Currently, there are 37 cities listed on that are each offering some form of compensation for new residents. Financial incentives range from values as little as $1 (not worth it) to rewards as great as $16,000 (absolutely worth it), and payouts come in the form of home rebates, tax breaks, and straight-up cash.