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West Lafayette, Indiana

urban • midwest, USA

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With restaurants, local shops, art galleries, nightlife, community parks, and more, downtown West Lafayette has something for everyone.

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About West Lafayette

Sitting just across the Wabash River, an hour northwest of Indianapolis, lies West Lafayette, Indiana, home of Purdue University. Rich with tradition, West Lafayette has grown into a vibrant and innovative Midwestern community. You’ll find eclectic shopping, quaint coffee shops, and local restaurants and breweries to go along with beautiful parks and miles of scenic walking and bike trails. Whether you’re looking for a thriving arts and culture scene or a hub for like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators, West Lafayette is a city focused on bringing people together.



Internet Speed Rating

1000 Mbps

Closest Airport

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) • 68 mi

Weather (High/Low)

84 / 17

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)



Axl Rose, an American singer-songwriter, musician and lead vocalist for the hard rock 1980s band Guns N' Roses, was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana.

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