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Looking down at the downtown district with a brilliant sunset creating color everywhere in Lubbock, Texas.

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Also known as “Hub City,” Lubbock’s a place where rich western history meets a thriving metropolitan downtown and where creative expression meets fine wine, eclectic food, craft beer, lively events, world-class art, and serene outdoor spaces. Residents enjoy cultural festivals like Texas Monthly-recognized BBQ joints, classical symphony concerts, theme parks or museums, and much more. Lubbock is also home to Texas Tech University, the sixth-largest college by enrollment in the... 

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1000 Mbps

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93 / 29

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Lubbock: FUN FACT

Billie Wolfe, a faculty member of Texas Tech’s College of Home Economics, realized that the windmills were rapidly disappearing from many housing designs in the mid-sixties. She and Coy Harris, a Lubbock native, established the American Windmill Museum as a non-profit organization to help diverse audiences explore how people have used and continue to use their human ingenuity in harnessing the wind to live in varied environments. The organization is now a permanent resident of the City of Lubbock and has over 170 rare and fully-restored windmills—the world's largest public collection of restored windmills. The American Windmill Museum is internationally recognized as the place to visit for observing windmills and wind chargers, photographing groups of windmills, and serving as the educational facility where the windmill’s heritage can be seen and heard.

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