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Harrison County is known as a wonderful place to raise a family.
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Harrison County was voted America’s Most Affordable Beach Town in 2018 by
The county's 62 miles of shoreline provide endless opportunities to explore outdoor activities such as watersports, golfing, fishing, and hiking.
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Life In Harrison County, Mississippi

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Located in the Gulfport of Mississippi, Harrison County was voted America’s Most Affordable Beach Town in 2018 by Don’t be fooled into thinking affordability means a lack of amenities. Besides having some of the best white-sand beaches, Harrison County is also known for its downtown nightlife, superb museums, bike trails, world-class libraries, symphony, theatre, casinos, and golf courses. In fact, they have 15 golf courses! If you're a foodie, look no further... 

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1000 Mbps

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89 / 45

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Known as one of the most affordable urban housing markets whether purchasing or renting: Gulfport, MS average rent by bedroom size Studio Apartment: $653 per month > $821 U.S. average 1 Bedroom: $683 per month > $930 U.S. average 2 Bedrooms: $790 per month > $1,148 U.S. average 3 Bedrooms: $1,080 per month > $1,537 U.S. average

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