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Enjoy the picturesque High Falls, one of three waterfalls located along the Genesee River in Rochester, N.Y.
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Rochester offers diverse job opportunities for motivated, working professionals.
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Located at the confluence of Lake Ontario, the Erie Canal, and the Finger Lakes, Greater Rochester spans nine counties, more than a million people, and New York State’s fourth-largest city. With big city assets and small-town connectivity, Greater Rochester has it all. Close to major markets without the major market expense, the region boasts real estate costs well below major metros and one of the nation’s shortest commutes. And as New York State’s fastest-growing midsized... 

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Greater Rochester: FUN FACT

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass and suffragist Susan B. Anthony are both buried in Rochester’s Mt. Hope Cemetery. The pair met in Rochester during the mid 1800s, became close friends, and worked together on civil rights issues. Douglass, who lived in Rochester for 25 years, became a leader in the abolitionist movement to end slavery. Anthony, whose work ultimately gave women the right to vote, called Rochester home for 40 years.

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