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Eau Claire has an endless supply of great music.

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About Eau Claire

Eau Claire offers a friendly, Midwestern small-town feel with big-city vibes. The warm summers provide ample opportunity to enjoy one of the waterways, as well as hiking, biking, playing golf or enjoying a picnic at one of the parks. The winters may be cold, but that doesn’t stop outdoor enthusiasts who love ice fishing and other winter sports. Top attractions include Beaver Creek Reserve, the Chippewa River Trail and Carson Park on Half Moon Lake. Historical attractions include the Chippewa Valley Museum, which houses a 1950s ice cream parlor and an 1880s mini train ride on the Chippewa Valley Railroad. Visitors can get a feel for the area’s rich logging and sawmill history at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp. The area offers plenty of restaurants, coffee houses and breweries to visit. The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport offers convenience of easy connections to major destinations in a smaller, less crowded airport, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is less than 100 miles from Eau Claire.



Internet Speed Rating

1000 Mbps

Weather (High/Low)

82 / 8

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)



Eau Claire means “clear water” in French, which is how the French pioneers described the Eau Claire River. Home to both the Eau Claire and the Chippewa rivers, as well as other bodies of water, this Chippewa Valley city provides plenty of waterways for boating, kayaking, water skiing and fishing enthusiasts.
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