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The dome atop West Virginia’s state capitol building in Charleston is larger than the dome on the United States Capitol building.

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About Charleston

Located in the Appalachian Mountains and at the convergence of the Elk and Kanawha Rivers, Charleston is West Virginia’s most populous city, with the greater Charleston metro area surpassing 200,000 residents. Home to the University of Charleston and nearby West Virginia State University, Charleston combines the buzz of a lively college town with rich local history and culture. The region’s diverse geography offers exciting recreational opportunities, whether exploring the rivers by whitewater raft, hiking to a scenic overlook, or hitting one of the local ski resorts. Charleston features several waterfront parks, including Haddad Riverfront Park which boasts an outdoor amphitheater for live music, and the Sunrise Carriage Trail that provides spectacular views of the Kanawha River and the Charleston skyline. Other notable attractions include the year-round Capitol Market that offers local goods, meats and produce; West Virginia Music Hall of Fame; the West Virginia State Museum; the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center; and the family friendly, science-themed Avampato Discovery Museum. If these amenities don’t seem enticing enough, Charleston currently offers a $5,000 cash incentive for working professionals who relocate to the city. For residents looking for a quick escape, Yeager Airport offers daily nonstop flights to Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Orlando.



Internet Speed Rating

940 Mbps

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85 / 27

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)



The West Virginia State Capitol complex, located in Charleston, contains the governor’s mansion, cultural centre, state museum, and Booker T. Washington memorial, and features a gold-leafed dome that is larger than the dome on the United States Capitol.
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