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The Baton Rouge State Capitol building is the tallest in the United States.
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Baton Rouge is situated on the east bank of the Mississippi River. The second largest city in Louisiana features long, hot summers and moderate temperatures in the winter, making it a good place to enjoy outdoor activities at one of the city’s several parks, nature centers, and arboretums. College sports fans know the city as the home of the Louisiana State University Tigers. Games at the LSU stadium are one of the top draws to the campus, but so is seeing Mike the Mascot, the live rescued tiger who is housed at an enclosure on campus. Other top attractions in Baton Rouge include the USS Kidd, a dry-docked destroyer museum, the LSU Rural Life Museum, Magnolia Mound Plantation, the Baton Rouge Zoo, and Blue Bayou Water Park. Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is the second largest airport in Louisiana and is served by American, Delta and United Airlines. Passengers can be connected to the world through the major hubs in Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte and Dallas-Ft. Worth.



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Named as the “Red Stick City" by French explorers, Baton Rouge brings the distinctive Cajun and Creole cultures together in a picturesque setting along the Mississippi River. As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge also boasts the tallest state capitol building in the country at 34 stories and 450-feet-tall, and one of the few in the nation without a dome.
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