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Move to Stillwater

$5,000 down payment assistance for homebuyers

$300 towards closing costs

Red Dirt Music Tour with legendary musician John Cooper

Free tickets to a live concert at Tumbleweed Dance Hall

Free tickets to Gypsy Cafe Music Festival

A $2k tab at Aspen Coffee

Martial Arts Classes

Total Incentive
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Home to Oklahoma State University, Stillwater is a small and tight-knit community that prides itself on its ability to feel like home. Located centrally between both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Stillwater offers access to the big city attractions, while providing a small-town feel. We are offering a $5,000 incentive to remote workers who buy a home within the Stillwater city limits (see eligibility requirements), along with free coffee for a year (a $2k value) from Aspen Coffee - Fountain Square, and a free month of classes for adults and children including the uniform to get you started! The Stillwater chamber will also add gifts from local restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and more. Finally, music fans will receive an immersive experience into the Red Dirt music scene, born right here in Stillwater. You'll get a Red Dirt music tour of the sights and sounds of the city with your guide, legendary Red Dirt musician and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame inductee John Cooper. You'll also receive free tickets to a live concert at Stillwater's famed Tumbleweed Dance Hall and two tickets to the Gypsy Cafe Music Festival. Then, swing by Daddy O's Music Store downtown to be presented with a free t-shirt and swag. Photo of The Mid South bicycle race by 241 Photography


Eligibility Requirements
  • Disclaimers for the $5,000 homebuyer down payment include the following:

  • Applicants must be first time buyers of a home in Stillwater

  • Home must be located within city limits

  • Home must be owner-occupied

  • You must complete an application with the city of Stillwater, prior to making an offer on the home

  • The home needs to be priced at $250,000 or less

  • Paid out through a 7 year forgivable loan, secured by a second mortgage

  • There are a limited amount of grants awarded

  • Homebuyers must attend the city's homebuyer education course

  • Property purchased must pass a minimum housing quality standard's inspection using Section 8 criteria

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