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Get Paid to Live in Natchez, Mississippi

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Just 2.5 hours up the Mississippi from New Orleans, historical Natchez is dripping in southern charm and now offering remote workers relocation incentives. Natchez, Inc. will reimburse up to $2,500 of moving expenses and will offer $300 per month for a 1-year period to assist with initial cost of living expenses. In return, the remote worker will purchase a home with a minimum value of $150,000 and continue to work remotely for at least 1-year to receive the full benefit.


Eligibility Requirements
  • employed by an employer outside the Natchez region and have the ability to work remotely

  • establish primary residence within the City limits of Natchez, MS and purchase a home valued at no less than $150,000

  • Individual must maintain ownership and residency of their Natchez, MS home for no less than one year

  • Various Other

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