An Overview of MakeMyMove

By MakeMyMove • Apr 10, 2024
Lincoln County, Kansas enlisted the help of their high school football team to help a new resident from MakeMyMove unload her truck after moving from Tennessee.


Cities and towns across the U.S. are facing unprecedented growth challenges in the form of labor shortages and declining population growth. Every year, states and municipalities spend $70B to grow their economies, but most of these dollars are focused on attracting more employers, not people.

As many as 23 million Americans are expected to move in the coming years as a result of remote work. This is an unprecedented opportunity for communities to benefit from the economic impact remote workers bring while simultaneously growing the workforce and population.


MakeMyMove helps communities grow by recruiting new residents who bring a job (and all of its economic value) with them. Our platform enables communities to promote themselves on a national stage to a highly targeted audience, engage with move-ready people on the site, and execute a recruitment process that generates immediate return on investment.

Communities who work with us recruit new households that bring:

  • New jobs with an average wage over $100K

    • Incremental, new tax revenue

    • Incremental, new consumer spending

  • A new, highly educated workforce

    • 26% of relocated households bring a spouse that will work for a local employer

    • Over 80% of relocated households have a bachelor’s degree

  • New population in form of children who attend local schools and seed growth for the future

    • Average household size of 2.3

  • Certain and fast ROI

    • For every dollar invested in our programs by our community partners, an average return of $8 is realized by the end of year one.

    • ROI is long lasting - over 90% of our movers stay longer than a year in the community where they moved.

What We Do

  • Create a value proposition that highlights the people and places in your community

  • Give you access to a highly targeted audience of people looking for a new place to live

  • Generate a pool of qualified applicants who want to relocate to your community

  • Build proprietary tools and technology for communities to convert applicants into residents.

  • Calculate and report precise ROI numbers based on each household’s income and makeup

  • Provide expertise in program development and execution, including funding strategies

At MakeMyMove, we help communities grow by recruiting new residents. To get your community started, contact us here.