Wade McGee

7 months ago

Things to Do

Sunrise or Sunset on Lake Max the Lone Fisherman always catches a moment in time.

In the soft embrace of morning's light,Upon the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee,A lone fisherman sets his sights,His heart attuned to nature's symphony.

As the sun begins its gentle rise,Painting the sky in hues of gold,The world awakens with hushed sighs,A tranquil scene, a story to be told.

With each cast, he weaves a tale,His line dancing upon the water's skin,As if the lake itself whispers and hails,A secret realm where dreams begin.

The fisherman, a quiet observer,Casting his hopes into the abyss,Yet he captures more than what he furthers,A connection, an enchanting bliss.

For in the solitude of this serene space,He witnesses a world at peace,Nature's orchestra, melodies embrace,As the music of sunrise finds release.

The shimmering ripples, the lullaby of waves,Serenading his soul with symphonic grace,The morning's hush, a gentle ballet,A harmony that time cannot erase.

The bait he chooses, a minnow or shiner,A whispered invitation, a dance between souls,The bass, enchanted by the mystical diviner,Eager to play their part in nature's roles.

But beyond the fish that may be caught,There lies a greater treasure within his gaze,A connection to beauty that cannot be bought,A love for this world that forever stays.

So, as the lone fisherman casts his line,He captures memories, not just of the hook,On Lake Maxinkuckee, an ethereal shrine,Where nature's poetry is found in every nook.

For in those early morning moments, dear,When light is low and beauty untamed,The fisherman's heart becomes clear,In the embrace of nature, his soul unchained.


Lake Maxinkuckee, South Shore Drive, Culver, IN