Wade McGee

2 months ago


Country Road take me home - Culver Indiana

"Country Road Take Me Home, To The Place I Belong...." Culver Indiana.

The most common feedback we hear from people that live in and visit Culver is that they like that 'Small Town Feeling". So, we asked what does that "STF" mean?

What we came up with is that that "Small Town Feeling" (STF) is sense of belonging to a community. It is easy to feel that you belong in Culver because we are a volunteer community that is always welcoming new people to join us.

Behind the scenes in every small town is a camaraderie that you get rubbing elbows as you help your neighbors or you help to bring an event to life.

Driving down a country road as the sun is setting is a quality of life that can only be truly appreciated when you are able to experience it.


Culver, IN