Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist [2021]

By MakeMyMove Staff • Oct 11, 2021
Title 'Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist' over two women packing boxes.

Moving is commonly known as one of the most stressful times in your life. To help take a little bit of that stress away, we’ve created a moving checklist that includes what to do, pack, and buy before your move.

Below, we walk through key things to consider in the three areas of the list.

Down the page, you can also access an easily customizable Google Sheets checklist to guide your move.

A moving to-do list can guide you through the moving process.

Important Moving To-Dos

Your moving to-do list will differ depending on the size and specifics of your move.

Some questions that will affect your move include: Are you moving to a new state? Are you renting or buying? What will the weather be like in your new location?

While these will all be things to consider as you create your moving list, here are a few general to-dos for your move:

  • Make sure your air conditioning or heat is turned on a few days before you move (depending on the season/weather you’re in)

  • Make travel arrangements (Will you hire a moving company? What large items are you taking and what are you leaving behind?)

  • Set up the new utilities in your name

  • Change your mailing address (make sure important documents have the correct address, too!)

  • Change your driver’s license & license plates (if moving to a new state)

Work through your rooms with ease by creating a packing list.

Creating Your Packing List

Creating a packing list is probably one of the hardest parts of a move. You’ll need to decide what you want to take, what you want to sell/leave behind, and how you’ll actually transport your items.

Here are our best tips on HOW to create a packing list:

  • Start with the large items first

  • Think about items room by room

  • Make a list of essentials

  • Prioritize items that are essential, or significant

  • Keep like-items together

For an in-depth checklist of packing items room by room, we recommend this blog from

Donate? Sell? Pack? Now is the time to decide.

Figuring Out What to Buy...and When

Are you downsizing? Upsizing? Are you moving across the country or are you moving down the street? These factors can help you figure out what to buy or sell before your move.

Here are some tips to help you know what to buy and when:

  • List the most important items you’ll need to survive & thrive in your new space

  • List which items can wait to be purchased after your initial move

  • Know the size of the space you’re moving into

  • Consider whether it will be easier to move large items, or purchase new ones once you’ve moved

  • List the items you’d like to sell

  • List the items you’d like to donate

Get a Free Customizable Comprehensive Moving Checklist

To make it your own, simply click this link, and click File > Make a Copy > and save the Google Sheets document to your own drive. Now, you can add your specific tasks and start planning your move!

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