Escape the Ordinary: Summer Workcations in Muskegon County, Southern Indiana and West Memphis

By Natalia Wong • Jul 9, 2024

Summer, with its longer days and warmer weather, presents a unique opportunity to ditch the traditional office grind and embrace a workcation - a working vacation. But where should remote workers who have the flexibility to live anywhere go? Here's why Muskegon County, Michigan, Southern Indiana and West Memphis should be at the top of your summer workcation destination list - all of which participate in the MakeMyMove program.

Muskegon County, Michigan: Summer Paradise on the Great Lakes

Muskegon County boasts 26 miles of beaches on the western shores of Lake Michigan

Bordered by the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan, Muskegon County offers a quintessential summer experience. Imagine starting your workday with a refreshing swim in the lake, followed by a productive afternoon on your balcony, the gentle sound of waves lapping at the shore is your soundtrack. Take a break for a lunchtime kayak excursion or an afternoon bike ride along the scenic trails that weave through the county.

Muskegon County boasts a robust infrastructure for remote workers. Many coffee shops and cafes offer free Wi-Fi, perfect for a change of scenery during your workday. After work, explore the vibrant downtown area of Muskegon, with its art galleries, breweries and a thriving restaurant scene. History buffs will appreciate the Muskegon Heritage Museum, while outdoor enthusiasts can spend hours hiking, biking, or kayaking through the Muskegon State Park.

Muskegon County's involvement in the MakeMyMove program adds another layer of appeal for remote workers. The program offers incentives like a one-year membership to the Muskegon Museum of Art, free car detailing and even a month of free rent -making the transition to lakeside living seamless.

Southern Indiana: Unveiling Hoosier Hospitality and Scenic Beauty

Porch overlooking the beautiful French Lick Resort

Southern Indiana paints a picture of rolling hills, charming towns and a rich cultural heritage. The close-knit communities offer a warm welcome and a slower pace of life. Immerse yourself in local festivals, explore farmer's markets overflowing with fresh produce, or unwind at a local brewery. Southern Indiana is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike the trails of Hoosier National Forest, explore hidden waterfalls, or embark on a scenic drive through the rolling hills. Southern Indiana provides a tranquil escape while offering all the necessary amenities for a productive remote work experience.

As another participant in the MakeMyMove, Southern Indiana’s incentives include a $5,000 stipend, an annual pass to all of Indiana’s state parks and a free checking account from Springs Valley Bank & Trust.

West Memphis, Arkansas: Southern Hospitality Meets Big-City Buzz

Bridge connecting West Memphis, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee

West Memphis, Arkansas, situated directly across the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee, offers a unique blend of Southern charm and urban energy. Imagine working from a rooftop patio overlooking the mighty Mississippi, the sounds of the city providing a vibrant backdrop to your workday. During breaks, take a stroll along the Riverwalk, offering stunning views and a variety of restaurants and shops. For a dose of culture, head across the bridge to Memphis and explore its world-famous music scene, museums and historical landmarks.

The city actively supports remote work initiatives, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a productive and welcoming environment. After work, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Memphis or explore the hidden gems of West Memphis itself. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking and biking trails along the Mississippi River Levee, while history buffs will appreciate the National Civil Rights Museum, a testament to the region's rich past.

West Memphis's participation in the MakeMyMove program streamlines the process for remote workers considering a summer relocation including assistance with finding housing and local guides who can help with navigating the logistics of living in a new city. Incentives for this community include up to $10,000 in cash for relocation if purchasing a home or $5,000 if renting.

About MakeMyMove

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