How to Move to Arkansas for Remote Work

By Natalia Wolting  • May 23, 2024

Nicknamed "The Natural State," Arkansas offers remote workers a unique blend of outdoor adventures and affordable city living. From exploring the Ozark and Ouachita Mountain ranges to taking advantage of Little Rock's amenities, Arkansas provides an appealing mix for nature lovers and urbanites alike.

Ben Geren Trail in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is full of lush greenery and scenic paths for walking, biking, and running.

Interested in relocating to Arkansas for remote work? Here's a guide on choosing your new hometown, making your move and getting settled in your community.

Step One: Choose a Place to Live

These are some of the top spots in Arkansas for remote workers to consider:

Fayetteville - Nestled in the northwest corner of Arkansas, Fayetteville provides scenic beauty and an energetic college-town atmosphere as home to the University of Arkansas. The median home price is $235,000 and Fayetteville also boasts impressive rankings for outdoor activities, health/fitness and amenities from

Fort Smith - Fort Smith offers a charming blend of affordability and opportunity. History buffs will love exploring the city's rich Civil War past, while outdoor enthusiasts can hike scenic trails or kayak the Arkansas River. The median home value is $249,900 and with a family-oriented atmosphere, Fort Smith makes a great place to put down roots.

Hot Springs - As its name suggests, Hot Springs is home to natural thermal springs and spas, making it an appealing destination for remote workers seeking a laid-back vibe. The city has a low cost of living and a median home value of around $349,900. Historic downtown Hot Springs has boutiques, restaurants and cultural attractions.

Little Rock - As the capital and largest city, Little Rock combines affordable living costs with big-city amenities. The median home value is $290,000, well below the national average. Little Rock offers plentiful job opportunities, parks and outdoor recreation, a lively entertainment district, museums and more!

Texarkana - Craving a vibrant escape from your remote workday life? Look no further than Texarkana. This unique city straddles the Texas-Arkansas border, blending Southern charm with surprising affordability. The median home price is $239,950 and the city is serious about building its remote workforce by offering a sweet financial incentive package.

Other great communities to explore include:

If you have a family, check out this article: "Creating a Work-Friendly Home for Remote Parents."

Step Two: Prepare for Your Move

Once you've selected your new Arkansas hometown, it's time to prepare for relocating from out of state:

Craft a Moving Checklist - Jot down everything you need to do, from purchasing packing supplies to scheduling your moving truck or storage container. Don't forget to update your address with anyone important in your life.

Cancel and Set Up Utilities - Set up new accounts for electricity, water, internet – all the essentials to keep your new digs humming and schedule your current ones to turn off when you move.

Protect Yourself and Your Stuff- Safeguard your belongings and your new Arkansas home with renters or homeowners' insurance.

Stay Connected with Your Employer - Keep your manager and team in the loop throughout the move. Let them know when you'll be unavailable so they can plan accordingly.

Step Three: Get Connected

Arkansas offers some attractive incentives and resources for remote workers looking to relocate:

  • Fort Smith is offering remote workers $1,900 in incentives to relocate there including a 6-month discount to a coworking space.

  • Texarkana is offering over $17,000 in incentives to remote workers that includes a 25% tuition discount at Texas A&M Texarkana.

  • West Memphis is offering $10,000 cash for remote workers relocating there.

Once you get settled in, you'll find many great coworking spaces in Arkansas to help you be productive and build connections:

  • The Mill (Fort Smith)

  • CenterSpace (Fayetteville)

  • The Nest (Little Rock)

Additional Considerations

Before making your move, research factors like income tax rates, state tax laws and cost of living differences for the specific community you plan to live in.

Moving to Arkansas as a remote worker can offer a chance for a more affordable lifestyle, with a lower cost of living. Arkansas also boasts stunning natural beauty, with opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and exploring scenic landscapes so you can enjoy a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle.

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