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Sep 13, 2021

How to Move to Minnesota for Remote Work

By MakeMyMove Staff

Minnesota is home to the famous Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, and it’s also nicknamed The Land Of 10,000 lakes; so it’s sure to appease city-goers and outdoorsmen alike.

Not only does Minnesota have a large range of activities, but it’s also great for business! As Livability.com states, “A booming economy coupled with great affordability makes Minnesota a win-win for young professionals and devoted businessmen and women everywhere. CNBC voted Minnesota America’s 2015 Top State for Business and the 2015 Gallup polls ranked Minnesota #1 for job creation.”

Interested in moving to Minnesota? Below, we’ll cover how to choose your future home, make your move, and connect to your new community.

St. Paul is Minnesota's capital city and more affordable than nearby Minneapolis.

Step One: Choose a Place to Live

Looking for the best places to live in Minnesota for remote workers? Here are some places you can start.

Harmony: Harmony offers small-town charm without compromising on fun activities! As ExploreHarmony.com states, “Harmony is known as ‘Biggest Little Town in Southern Minnesota’ because of all that it has to offer.” Harmony has excellent school systems, affordable housing, and a great economy due to it being a tourist destination for anyone wanting to visit Niagara Cave or purchase Amish commodities. Read this article for more information on living in Harmony.

Bemidji: Bemidji is a great place for anyone wanting affordability! BestPlaces.net states, “Compared to the rest of the country, Bemidji's cost of living is 24.6% lower than the U.S. average.” This city also has access to many surrounding fishing lakes “including Lake Bemidji, Lake Plantaganet, Cass Lake...and Wolf Lake.” It’s also an awesome place to raise a family, with a B+ rating for public schools, and a B rating for families on Niche.com. Read this article for more information on life in Bemidji.

Claremont: Looking for a small suburban town in MN? Claremont is an affordable choice, especially if you’d like to become a homeowner. According to Livability.com, “The median income in Claremont, MN is $57,660 and the median home value is $151,563.” Additionally, it ranks in the A-B range for nightlife and diversity on Niche.com, so you’re sure to find fun activities! Read more about life in Claremont on Niche.com

Eden Prairie: Eden Prairie is a small, affluent town, just a short drive away from Minneapolis. This town has a population of around 62,000, and in 2010, Eden Prairie ranked as MONEY magazine’s #1 place to live in America and has ranked well since. It’s also an ideal location for outdoor lovers, with “10,000 acres of land designated for parks and open spaces, miles of scenic views, and a multitude of breathtaking lakes and beaches.” Learn more about life in Eden Prairie here.

St. Paul: St. Paul is Minnesota’s capital city and the more affordable city of the Twin Cities. With a median home value of $178,400 (below the national average!), you can find the right home in a large city. St. Paul also has business opportunities and amenities for remote workers. According to Extraspace.com, it’s also home to 16 Fortune 500 Companies, as well as Concordia University (ranked as a top college for adult learners). Learn more about living in St. Paul in this article. 

Here are some other great places to live in Minnesota:

If you have a family to consider while making your move, be sure to check out our blog, “Remote Work Relocation Considerations for Families.”

Step Two: Make Your Move

Ready to make your move? Moving to a different state can be a little trickier than just moving to a new city. In addition to standard moving tasks, here’s a short checklist of things you’ll want to think about when moving out of state:

If you currently have a remote position, you might also want to check out our Guide to Moving While Working Remotely.

Bemidji, Minnesota is close to many lakes, including Lake Bemidji pictured above.

Step Three: Make Your Move

Minnesota can be a great place to live for remote workers! There are several incentives to work remotely in Minnesota: receive $12,000 to move to Harmony, receive $4,000 to move to Bemidji, receive $3,000 to move to Claremont, $3,000 to move to New Richland, or $3,000 to move to Halstad.

Regus also lists some great coworking spaces in these areas, which offer opportunities for you to build your community!

  • Arbor Lakes (Maple Grove)

  • Carlson Center (Minnetonka)

  • 1650 West End Boulevard (St. Louis Park)

  • Fifth Street Towers (Minneapolis)

  • The Interchange (Roseville)

Additional Considerations

Income tax varies greatly between states, and Minnesota’s are higher than average, which is something to be aware of before you make your move.

An article from TwinCities.com states, “Minnesota had the sixth-highest income taxes among the states, 10th highest corporate taxes, 26th highest property taxes, and 30th highest sales taxes. The state and its local governments are less dependent on property and sales taxes than the national average. Overall, Minnesota’s total state and local revenues are 5.2 percent above the national average, placing it 22nd in the nation.”

Looking for Remote Work?

If you’d like to have a job that lets you enjoy all Minnesota has to offer, you might consider a remote position. At Make My Move, we have a blog that lists over 100 companies hiring remote workers.

Looking for Remote Work?

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