How to Move to Alaska for Remote Work

By MakeMyMove Staff • Jun 9, 2022

Are you considering a move to Alaska to work remotely from there? We don’t blame you. Or maybe you’re someone who’s wondering why move to Alaska? This unique state has a lot to offer, from breathtaking mountain views, endless shorelines, and the Northern Lights to the enrichment of life through Alaskan native culture. In addition to the wonderful wilderness, you’ll also find the comforts of cities and big box stores in this state.

When you work remotely, you’re not tied to the contiguous United States for your residence. Instead, you can enjoy all that Alaska has to offer while remaining part of the U.S. It may even be possible to be paid to move to Alaska.

In Good Company

Many people have made this exciting move before you, so it’s not an uncharted or unknown proposition. One of them is Kendall Povilaitis, who moved with her family to Alaska in 2021 and works remotely as a Customer Success Manager at MakeMyMove.

Remote work flexibility gives Kendall the freedom to work from anywhere, including Alaska.

Kendall's adventure started when she visited family in Anchorage and found it “magical.” She says, “So, when they offered us their basement, we thought it was a great opportunity to spend more time with them and explore this part of the country.”

Working remotely from this state gives her the flexibility and opportunity to engage with the amazing natural world of this area, which she says is her favorite part about working remotely in Alaska. She spends time walking and riding her bike, and she says, “I love living near the ocean, mountains, and forests.”

Benefits of a Move to Alaska

Alaska has an array of perks that make it a great place to live. And, as a remote worker, you can live anywhere in the state without being concerned about having enough of the right work opportunities. This state doesn’t have an income tax and offers the choice of many exciting places to live, whether you prefer to get away from everyone or be in the heart of a city.

Anchorage in particular is on the Livability list of 100 best places to live and is considered Alaska’s happiest city. It gives you everything you would expect from a 300,000-person city while also offering the beauty of the natural world, including mountain scenery, an inlet waterway, and hundreds of parks and trails. Anchorage is great for remote workers in part because of its co-working spaces. It also has the things people look for in a place to move, such as good schools, diversity, restaurants, breweries, and plenty of activities.

How to Move to Alaska

Does the info you’ve just read have you saying I want to move to Alaska? Great choice! The next step is to figure out how to move to Alaska. Moving here from the contiguous United States has certain challenges compared to staying on the mainland. With a little planning and preparation, you’ll know just what to do.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Consider Internet Connectivity: Quality internet is essential for remote work. Keep in mind that living in one of the more wild areas of Alaska will make it more challenging to have a good internet connection, so look into the options in the area before moving there. You’ll be fine if you move into or near one of the cities, as Anchorage has reliable internet with speeds up to 1G, and Juneau and Valdez are adding fiber-optic infrastructure. Also, check phone options and reception before you move.

  • Look Into Housing Options: Since a move to Alaska will be something new, you may want to opt for short-term housing while you get a feel for the area. You could stay in an Airbnb or hotel for a while, or choose a short-term rental. Just be wary of housing scams. Warning signs include seemingly amazing prices, people who want money or too much information in advance, or people who refuse to meet with you in person.

  • Think About Transportation: It may be too difficult to bring your current vehicle with you from the mainland to Alaska. You may want to think about starting fresh when you arrive in your new home. You could always rent a car until you get settled. After that, think about buying a new or used car in Alaska. Alternatively, you could ship your vehicle from your current home to your new one in Alaska.

  • Figure Out the Moving Process: Since Alaska is separate from the contiguous U.S., it presents challenges for moving your belongings. You may want to use a specialty moving company, such as Royal Alaskan Movers, that is experienced in moves to Alaska.

Kendall and her husband moved to Alaska as remote workers in 2022.

How to Work Effectively as a Remote Worker from Alaska

After your move to Alaska, the next step is to become effective at your remote work. In her experience, Kendall has found that “discipline, effective communication, a distraction-free workspace, and a supportive team are key elements” for remote work.

She recommends having a set schedule that you stick to and communicating with co-workers by phone or video. She says that even though you’re not working in an office together, it’s important to like your colleagues, as “this can make or break your experience as a remote worker.”

Finally, an important focus for Kendall is on where you carry out your work. She says, “Although your kitchen table may be the best office desk on some days, I recommend mixing up your week and working from a coworking space, coffee shop, or a public library.” When she drives to her own coworking space in Alaska, she gets the amazing opportunity to see mountains covered in snow. “It’s an incredible view that makes me feel at peace.”

Get Paid to Move to Alaska

How does it sound to move to Alaska and get paid for your decision? You may not be aware that there are incentives to move to Alaska, including moving there as a remote worker. While these may not be the only opportunities available to you, one incentive package offers a value of $2,000 to move to Ketchikan, while another offers $3,000 to move to Juneau.

The Ketchikan incentive includes an annual payment of up to $2,000 that comes from the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend and three months of free home internet. The Juneau incentive offers $1,000 cash each year and a total value of $3,000.

If you're interested in a move to Alaska for remote work, it's definitely worth looking into one of these incentives to make the most of your move. Is Alaska a top contender on your list of possible places to move?

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