Oct 21, 2021

Greensburg, IN’s Award-Winning Remote Work Relocation Offer

By MakeMyMove Staff

We’re excited to give the first-ever MakeMyMove "Neighbor Makers Award" to Greensburg, Indiana, for their next-level relocation incentive package!

Greensburg will receive a special designation on our website and custom welcome mats to gift to their new residents.

MakeMyMove’s Co-Founder, Evan Hock, states, “Cities and towns all across America that understand the economic and other benefits remote workers bring with them are offering great relocation incentive packages to attract these workers, but Greensburg’s perks are especially inspiring. In addition to its quality of life-enhancing amenities and unmatched hospitality, Greensburg is going above and beyond to integrate individuals and families into its community in ways we have not seen before.”

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Greensburg is home to the world-famous Courthouse Tower Tree.

Greensburg's Remote Work Relocation Offer

When it comes to remote worker relocation packages, the charming town of Greensburg, Indiana, is rolling out its carpet of Midwest hospitality in a big way. Its one-of-a-kind new incentive package is designed to recruit new residents that want to integrate into this vibrant and eclectic community.

In addition to Greensburg offering $5,000 to offset moving expenses, its relocation package includes:

  • “Grandparents on Demand” babysitting services and Grandparents Day stand-in at school provided by local couple Tami and Dan Wenning

  • “Seat at the Table” invitation to Greensburg’s non-profit fundraising events, including its annual Gala in support of Decatur County Memorial Hospital

  • Open invitations to home-cooked meals at neighbors’ homes

  • One year membership to the town’s local co-working space

  • One year membership to the local YMCA

  • Gift cards to the seasonal farmers market

  • Free passes to theatrical performances at Tree County Players

  • Free passes for boating and beaching at the 250-acre Lake Santee

“Greensburg has always been a welcoming community for anyone that wants to live, work and play here, but with this package, we are going a step above to ensure that people have the opportunity to really embrace all that Greensburg has to offer,” said Mayor Joshua Marsh. “That is why we created an incentive package uniquely tailored to incorporate all of the amenities that make our city special, responding to the real needs of working families and with a vision that people looking for a better quality of life can call Greensburg home.”

Tami Wenning, Executive Director of the Decatur County Community Foundation, is the Grandma behind Grandparents on Demand. “Moving to a new community is hard, especially for families that need childcare,” she says. “We wanted to pitch in and contribute to the initiative and really extend a welcoming hand. Our kids are grown, and we have time to give. Sometimes that’s worth more than money.”

Enjoy concerts and live events in Greensburg, Indiana.

About Greensburg

Centrally located between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, Greensburg is the County Seat of Decatur County and home to more than 13,000 Hoosier State residents. In addition to its first-rate schools and state-ranked high school basketball program, Greensburg is also home to the world-famous Courthouse Tower Tree, which appeared in an episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”

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