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Richland is located at the confluence of the Columbia and Yakima Rivers, offering an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.
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About City of Richland

Located deep in the heart of the Columbia Valley, and at the junction of the scenic Columbia and Yakima Rivers, the City of Richland, Washington, joins neighboring cities Pasco and Kennewick to form the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. The region is widely known for growing high-quality produce, an abundance of fresh salmon that spawn in local rivers, and as a hub for Pacific Northwest wineries, including the widely popular Barnard Griffin and Goose Ridge wineries. In fact, Richland features over 7,000 hectares planted with wine grapes, and residents can attend regular wine-tasting events and tours. The City of Richland offers a little something for everyone. The Richland Community Center — located adjacent to Howard Amon Park and overlooking the Columbia River — serves as a hub for community meetings and gatherings, weddings and events, and the site of the Richland Fall Carnival. Other notable attractions include the Spudnut Shop, as featured on Travel Channel’s Donut Paradise; Octopus’ Garden, a popular novelty store; and Richland Parkway, a business district teeming with local restaurants and markets. Looking to get away? The Tri-Cities Airport offers several daily nonstop flights to Seattle, as well as trips to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and more. Richland residents can also drive to major cities like Seattle, Spokane, and Portland, Oregon, in less than a half-day’s drive.



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1000 Mbps

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94 / 27

Median Home Value (3BR, 2BA)



Richland is home to the Hanford Site and B Reactor, a now-shuttered nuclear plant commissioned by the Manhattan Project. Plutonium manufactured at the Washington-based reactor was used in the first-ever nuclear bomb test in 1945 at the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico.
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