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If you're looking to make a move to Tulsa with your current remote job, Tulsa Remote is the program for you. Tulsa Remote is a recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented, remote workers to Tulsa. Tulsa Remote members receive a $10,000 grant to relocate and make Tulsa a place where they can live, work and thrive. In addition to the cash, members are also a part of a robust community and support network to help immerse them into their new city. Members receive a free one-year membership to Tulsa's premier co-working space, along with access to countless social, networking, service and other community events - exposing newcomers to top local organizations and establishments. With more than 134 parks, a rich arts scene and world-class food, Tulsa isn't just a fantastic home base for flexible work or creative innovators — it's a fantastic home.


Eligibility Requirements
  • Can Move to Tulsa Within the Next 12 Months

  • Full-Time Remote Employment or are Self-Employed Outside of Oklahoma

  • 18+ Years Old

  • Eligible to Work in the United States


What is MakeMyMove?

MakeMyMove is a marketplace product that connects remote workers and other work-from-anywhere talent with communities that are attracting new residents. We help workers find the right place, and we help communities build and promote programming to attract those workers.

How much does it cost?

We’re 100% supported by communities. If you are a worker that is thinking about making a move, our service is free.

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